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Poker is a card game that just about anyone of any age can learn to play. Through history you find all types of poker are being player, and you can see the excitement when someone took home that huge jackpot that really changed their lives. Playing poker in your home, you are not going to find the big jackpots that you will online as your friends are just not going to bet as high as what the pots are online. When gambling is what you want, and big money is on your mind, the online poker rooms are just where you can find all this and more!

Five card poker is the just what the name says: you are dealt five cards and you have to get the best hand in those five cards without drawing any more cards. The hands of poker are always listed on the casino site so if you are new to playing poker you can easily find and remember what these great winning hands are. If you are playing in a casino where the winning hands and what the prizes are for getting these winning hands, you should seek out another casino.

Five-card poker with a wild card is a little different. While you are dealt five cards in this game of poker, you are going to be able to use one card as a wild. The wild card is always stated before the game actually starts. You will not be able to put any cards in and you will not be able to get any new cards, but with the use of that one wild card, you can often get a better hand than you would have otherwise.

Seven-card stud poker is all about using seven cards for each player that is playing in the poker game. Two cards are going to be dealt down and then four cards are going to be dealt up. There is one final card that will be dealt up on the table so that each player can see it. When you are playing online, you will be playing in a poker room where you could be playing with one or seven other players. It is difficult to sometimes watch what is going on when there are so many other players, but at least online you have a chance to study the cards more than you would if you were sitting around a real table. Better takes place through out the game.

Omaha is a game where four cards are laid on the table face down and two are in your hand. Then you will use there of the cards from the table with the two in your hand to bring luck to your side to create the winning hand. The cards are turned over one at a time as the table continues to bet as the cards are turned over. This is a fast game, but a game that can be played on line in a poker room where multiple players from around the world can play at one time.

Five card draw is similar to other types of five card poker games, but if you have an ace in your hand you can draw four new cards otherwise you can draw three new cards to create the better hand that will put you in charge of collecting that huge jackpot. Five card draw is often used when you are playing against the dealer, or when you are in a poker room playing against multiple players at one time.