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Safety Online

Gambling online is one that will bring you hours of fun. Poker is a game you can play for a few minutes when you want a quick break or you can play for a few hours when you are on a winning roll. For all types of situations when gambling online you have to be careful in where you put your m money, what you tell others when gambling online, and you must be sure you are playing at a casino online that is safe and secure.

Safety online for your personal information

Make it a point not to give anyone your personal contact information other than the casino when you are signing up. If you don’t give the casino your correct information they can contact you or send you jackpot winnings. What we mean about protecting your information is that if you join in chat rooms while you are gambling online you don’t want to give out your personal information to others because you are really don’t know who they are. After chatting a while it is easy to feel as if you know someone but you really don’t, and they could very well be a scammer.

Safe personal passwords

Signing up for all the casinos online you will need to create a password and a username. We suggest that you use a different username and password on all the sites that you join. If a hacker were able to break the code on one site, and they know you play on another, they would try that same password on another site to take your money and run up charges on your account. If you must use the same user name on all the sites where you gamble online, be sure that you change your password on every site. Write your password down in a notebook or rolodex so you don’t forget them but changing your password is a must.

Protecting your credit cards

Look for a casino that gives you the option of calling in your credit card, mailing in your credit card information or at the very least, submitting your credit card through a secure online page. An encrypted page is going to put your credit card financial information in to a means that others can access or use it which is important when protecting your personal financial information from hackers or spammers.