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Poker Turn Video Poker

Playing video poker will require that you know that rules where you are playing. First of all be sure that you understand and realize that there can be differences on the site or casino that you are playing on. Many online casinos have ethical policies which mean that they strive to be honest with you and they expect the same of you..

The card game of poker is more than just one that you will play in a poker room, poker is now turned tech and is also available in video poker form. Video poker uses the same theories and the types of winning hands to give you what you want – cash jackpots! On many of the same casino sites where you will find poker, you will also find video poker. Video poker is an easy game; one that you can play for just a few minutes or you can play for a few hours and still have fun while doing it.

Every casino is a little different in how much you can gamble on one bet, and how much you can put down in your account, but either way, when that big hand comes up and the big jackpot is transferred into your account, you are going to realize just how much you love this game.

Video poker uses poker rules. Poker rules involve drawing five cards, which are all displayed on your screen. As these cards are displayed on your screen, you can choose to throw away all five cards, or any other number of cards. You take the risk on finding that winning hand when you don’t pay attention to what hand you have and what possible mixes you have that could give you that big win.

The hands that you want to start with include getting at least a pair of anything, such as 2,2 or 4,4, or J,J, or A,A from there you want to work up to three of a kind or four of a kind, and there are other hands that are still higher such as a straight, a flush, a royal flush or any combinations that are listed on the site where you are playing. Often times casinos are going to list the various winning combinations on the screen so you can glance at them as often as needed.

Playing video poker is easy. What you will do is click on the cards that you want to keep, and if you want to keep them all you can click on hold.

Before every hand that you are dealt you can change what your bet it. If you want to keep your bet the same on every video poker hand, you can, or you can make it as high or low as you like according to the rules of the casino.